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Boothtique VA

"Say Cheese to the Fun Times – Your Smiles, Our Booth!"


Welcome to Boothtique VA - Where Memories Spin, Smiles Flourish, and Fun Goes Green!

Dive into the world of interactive and unforgettable photo experiences with Boothtique VA! Our unique range of photo booth services ensures that every click at your event turns into a lasting memory. From eco-friendly options to immersive 360 videos, we've got something for everyone.

360 Video Booth

The 360 Video Booth - Step Into the Limelight: Ready to make your social media spin? Our 360 Video Booth captures every angle of your fun-filled moments. Step onto the platform and let our camera circle around you, creating an exhilarating, high-definition, slow-motion video. It's not just a photo booth; it's an experience that puts you and your guests at the heart of a cinematic masterpiece.

$250 per hr
(minimum 2 hrs)

The Social Booth

The Social Pad - Eco-Friendly and Fabulous: Embrace the fun without leaving a footprint! Our Social Pad is the go-to option for weddings, corporate events, school events, etc. This booth doesn't just capture moments; it preserves the planet. 

$100 per hr
(minimum 2 hrs)

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